Anthracite Coal

Anthracite Coal

The Mazino Coal Mine is located 2 kilometers west of Tabas in Yazd province. The study area is located in the tectonic zone of Central Iran. Coal units of this area are formed in the Middle Jurassic age of the Mesino Formation (Hojdak Formation).
The Mesino Formation consists of alternatives of coal, shale, sandstone and rarely thin calcareous layers. The presence of sulfur minerals (especially pyrite) clays, especially argillite, kaolinite, montmorillonite and quartz, is significant in these coal.

Therefore, the combination of metallic and non-metallic minerals plays an important role in the quality of these coal and their environmental considerations. In this study, it was found that pyrite metallic minerals, together with cedrites, anchrites, calcite, gypsum, barite, illite and clay minerals including argillite, kaolinite and montmorillonite and masser l-vitrinite, are the main constituent components of the coal. To be considered.
Mesino mine coal is anthracite to semi-anthracite with low volatility and medium ash of 2%, which is to be built next to the country’s first coal-fired power plant.

In the Masino region, about 3 million tonnes of thermal coal are generally known, and about 2 million tonnes can be extracted. Considering its environmental impacts, the extraction of 3 million tons and large volume of mining and coal-fired power plants annually is of great importance.

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The following is the description of the coal analysis.

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SulphurVolatile matterASHSize

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